I am a student developer in Palo Alto. My hobbies include playing soccer, participating in hackathons and Indian Hindustani classical singing. I am interested in machine learning, network infrastructures, and game development. Additionally, I enjoy design and architecture and love to build structures.

I previously worked at ON.Lab, a non-profit organization working on open-source SDN projects. Prior to that I worked at TiVo and volunteered as a coding mentor at CoderDojo SV, hosted at Microsoft.

I have participated in many hackathons, including PennApps, and MHacks. I am also helping organize my highschool hackathon, GunnHacks. If you would like to discuss hackathons or learn about GunnHacks, contact me.

For more information, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or my Devpost portfolio. A great majority of my code is on my Github profile. You can also read my resume.

To contact me, send me an email or find and message me on Facebook.