I am a rising junior undergrad at UC Berkeley working towards dual degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. My hobbies include playing soccer, participating in hackathons, Indian Hindustani classical singing, and music production. I am interested in machine learning, network infrastructures, and game development. Additionally, I enjoy design and architecture and love to build structures.

At Cal, I am a director at Cal Hacks, where I led the tech team for a year and organized judging for Cal Hacks 5.0. Before graduating, I also helped organize my high school hackathon, GunnHacks.

I am also a consultant at Berkeley Consulting, UC Berkeley's oldest and premier consulting organization that advises a variety of organizations, and a teaching assistant for CS 170. In addition, I previously researched the applications of deep learning on database systems at Berkeley's RISELab.

Currently, I am interning at Apple in the Siri team. Previously, I worked at VMware as a cloud engineering intern. Prior to that I worked at Vizru where I developed a localized chatbot system with intent parsing and ON.Lab, a non-profit organization working on open-source Software-Defined Networking systems.

For more information, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or my Devpost portfolio. A great majority of my code is on Github. You can also read my resume.

To contact me, send me an email or message me on Facebook.