I am a senior undergrad at UC Berkeley working towards dual degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. My hobbies include playing soccer, participating in hackathons, Indian Hindustani classical singing, and music production. I am interested in machine learning (specifically Computer Vision), graphics, and network infrastructures.

I just finished an internship at Scale, where I worked on high-accuracy character-level OCR. I have previously worked at at Apple in the Siri team and VMware as a cloud engineering intern. I have also worked on a localized chatbot system with intent parsing, as well as open-source Software-Defined Networking systems.

I am currently researching ways to optimize computer vision throughput at Berkeley's RISELab. I am also a consultant at Berkeley Consulting, UC Berkeley's oldest and premier consulting organization that advises a variety of organizations, a teaching assistant for CS 170, Berkeley's upper-divion algorithms course, and an advisory director at Cal Hacks.

For more information, you can visit my LinkedIn profile . A great majority of my code is on Github. You can also read my resume.

To contact me, shoot me an email.